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The main objective of SC Moulding Painting Rom SRL is the customer satisfaction to 360°, from the purchase of the raw materials, to its work –out, the assembly of the elements and their packaging, everything in one control process meant to guarantee the quality imposed by the market in terms of size and aesthetics.

The development of the activities is assured by a highly-qualified personnel, in a space of approximately 800 sqm, placed in the industrial part of Brasov.

The technology has been imported from Italy – SANDRETTO under-pressure casting machines, MORETTO grind dryer, COMEC inscription machines using painting, all these corresponding to the CEE norms, allowing thus the production process development in complete safety conditions and at a high quality standard, all these leading SC Moulding Painting Rom SRL to easily obtain an important position on the plastic components market, and all that in only two years.

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